Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Android mobile Tricks 2019


Transfer data up to 30 times faster than Android mobile

Here we are talking about a technology that can transfer up to 100-200MB of data or even more and that too in a few minutes, that is, data transfer from speed is about 30 times faster than Bluetooth. Can do. This technology works on your phone's Wi-Fi and has no connection to the Internet- 

Backup Android Mobile SMS to Gmail Account

SMS i.e. Short Message Services, today perhaps the need for SMS is not so much. Ever since we started using applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, the era of SMS has gone, yet they have their own place. Backup of required SMS in mobile can not be taken forever, but through Android phone, you can backup SMS to Gmail-

Back up Android mobile to Gmail 

When you get a new phone, the biggest task is to copy the contacts from the old phone to the new phone, you can easily do this from Bluetooth, but when your phone is correct, but if your phone is broken or This work is very difficult if it goes bad, so it is important that your contacts are saved in a place where you can easily backup them and that is your mail id, mail id is the place where the phone can Tekt can be taken from them up easily to save is

How to stop Android mobile application auto update 

When we download any BHAI Apps from Google Play Store, it also keeps running in the background in our phone and when a new update comes, it gets auto-updated without your permission. Due to which your Internet data continues to be spent unnecessarily. For this, you have to stop the automatic update of android apps.

How to run Android Mobile on 2G mode only 

By taking 3G data plan, the speed of the Internet increases by the way, but it also ends very quickly when you use 3G data in phones and tablets. If you put Android Phone on 2G mode instead of 3G, then your Internet speed will be reduced slightly but your 3G data plan will run more days.

Set internet data limit on android mobile 

Phones and Tablets have been completely based on the Android system, which has a lot of applications, some of which are completely dependent on the Internet and even when we are not using them, it is still on our phone. Keep running the background and using our Internet data. In such a situation, we cannot find out how much data we have used and how much data is left to use.

10 Best Tips for Android Phone Security

It is important to take care of the security of the Android phone which is convenient, it always keeps the Internet running, so there is a risk of malware and spyware. Apart from this, there are other problems that keep coming in Android phones, if you use these security tips, then you can avoid the troubles -

Convert android phone to wavecam

If you want to video chat on Facebook , Skype or Google+ Hangout , but you do not have a Webcam, then you can use your Android Phone like Webcam too, let's know how -

Change android phone to wireless mouse absolutely free

The fun of Wireless Mouse is different in the winter season, if you are watching a movie on the computer at night and you suddenly have to pause or reduce or increase the volume or shut down the computer, if you have a wireless mouse All the work will be done easily like a remote control, but if not then you will have to get up from the bad, which seems very bad in the winter, but if you have an android phone, you can easily get it wirelessly without spending a penny. can convert to mouse O,

Make android phone free remote your computer 

Android has given a new direction to Phone Technology and Computing, today it is not known whether you are running a phone or a computer. These two have got quite mixed together, even today due to technology, you can access the computer kept in your home on your Android Phone and if you want, control your computer like a remote control from your android phone. You can access all its files, music, videos etc. from your android phone-

Boost android phone phone 

Do you know, downloading these applications and games beyond the limit causes your Android Device to slow down and hang up, due to which sometimes it has to be reset, which will delete the useless applications. Also, the applications of work also get deleted, which have to be downloaded again, but if you adopt these tips, then perhaps your Android Mobile Phone can be boosted without resetting.

Convert android phone to wi-fi router 

With Wi-Fi hotspot / router, you can easily run internet on all the Wi-Fi devices in your home or office like smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc., but if your Android smart phone turns into a Wi-Fi router then you are very big You can easily run internet from your phone to your laptop and tablet, usually the Wi-Fi router comes to 5000-6000 rupees, but this trick helps you to get your Android Smart Phone Do the same can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot / router else can run Internet on several devices simultaneously -

Change android phone to scanner

In most of the office work, we need to have a scanner, to send a paper, a letter, a document through an e-mail. After that, he is attached on the e-mail, usually if you go to buy a scanner from the market then it comes in between Rs 2500 to 3000 thousand rupees. But if you have an Android phone (Andraid Phone) then you can easily (Easily) convert your phone (Phone) into a scanner-
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