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What is Tango Smartphone Technology

What is Tango Smartphone Technology - What is Tango Smartphone Technology

Actually, Google's Tango Technology is based on Augmented Reality . As you know,  virtual reality  has changed the world of digital gaming to a great extent. One such new technology is  Augmented Reality. ),   Which Google has launched, new tango technology, Google tango was launched by Google on June 5, 2014, but since then the technology was undergoing testing, this application is ready for Android platform. Of Has gone. 

With the help of Google tango technology, in this technique you create a Computer-Generated Environment matching your surrounding environment. That is, a virtual scene is created by connecting another virtual world with the world around you, which looks real, that is, you cannot tell the difference between the real world and the virtual world.

Key Facets of Google Tango - 

  • Google launched Tango in 2014 
  • Google has made two Tango devices in 2014 before "Lenovo Phab 2 Pro" one "The Yellowstone Tablet" and the other "The Peanut Phone"
  • NASA also did the testing of "The Peanut Phone" in 2014.
  • Google and Lenovo partnered in 2016 for this technology 
  • "Asus Zenfone AR" will also come with "Google Tango Technology" after "Lenovo Phab 2 Pro"
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